Our Goal is to serve our clients ethically, honestly, and complete their project On time, On budget



Managing Member                            Sam Hemani

                                                       Management and Finance, Contract Coordination

                                                       11901 N. MacArthur Blvd, Suite B, Oklahoma City, OK 73162.

                                                       Cell # 1-405-205-7191


Associates                                       Dale Burdge

                                                       Specialize in Structural, Foundations, Framing, Metal


                                                       Mario H. Claravall

                                                       Project Estimation, Planning, Project Management, Architectural &

                                                       Engineering Computer Aided Drafting / Design


                                                       Carlos Tovar

                                                       EIFS, Stucco



Consultants                                     David W Elshire

                                             Certified Public Accountant

                                             3603 N Portland, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 

                                             Phone # 1-405-946-3487


                                             Carlaus D Addo

                                             Attorney & Counselor at Law

                                             4001 N. Classes, Suite 106, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

                                             Phone 1-405-528-8822

                                             Email addolaw@sbcglobal.net


                                             James A Ikard



Insurance                                        Workers Compensation & Genaral Liability Insurance Policy

                                                       Republic Fire & Casualty Insurance Company

                                                              5525    LBJ Freeway

                                             Dallas, Texas, 75240-6241

                                             Phone 877-788-6008

                                                       Policy # RFC1000305-01



                                                       Insurance Agent

                                                       Mary Jo

                                                       Glenn Harris & Associates Inc.

                                                       PO Box 14790

                                                       Oklahoma City, OK 73113
                             Phone: (405) 842-5385